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Our Philosophy

Musgrave Hill Community Children’s Centre Philosophy

At Musgrave Hill Community Children’s Centre we aim to provide an environment where children feel safe, secure and supported as they grow with confidence to explore and learn. We acknowledge and celebrate culture, and respect diversity. We value each child equally and see them as competent and capable learners. We believe that children’s learning is enhanced through responsive, warm, trusting relationships and meaningful play experiences where children become active and involved participants in their learning.

Our curriculum emerges from the children’s own ideas, family input and it is supported by educators that intentionally teach and value respectful and reciprocal relationships. We have an ongoing cycle of planning, documenting and evaluating children’s learning. Educators critically reflect on the program offered and ensure that children’s interests, strengths and needs are integrated into future curriculum planning and adhere to the principles, practices and learning outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework of Australia / (and or) Kindergarten Curriculum.

The Early Years Learning Framework (and Kindergarten Curriculum) assists us as educators, to provide your children with the opportunities to maximise their potential and develop a foundation for future success in learning. Our centre supports and enables children with additional needs and provides access to quality education and care. We work in partnership with families and the wider community. We use the Learning Outcomes, Principles and Practices to guide our curriculum based on what children know, what they can do and understand with an emphasis on play based learning.

Open, effective communication between educators and families are fundamental to the quality of education and care that children receive. Our Open Door Policy provides opportunities for strong partnerships with families contribute to building an inclusive community within our centre where families have the opportunity to join the committee, provide input and assist with decision making in regard to the operations of the centre.

We pride ourselves as early childhood professionals and educators who respect each other as a unique person within a supportive and caring team. Our educators are provided with ongoing professional development opportunities to expand their own knowledge to provide your child with the highest quality education and care.

We believe that our philosophy guides the curriculum, educators, committee, our policies and procedures and is reflected throughout the service at all times.