High Quality, Affordable, Early-Education Programs with a Positive Outcome for your Child.

What is a Community Centre?

Why should you choose a Community Children’s Centre for your child?

We will provide high-quality and affordable integrated early learning and care in a long day care setting that takes into account the specific requirements of the local community.

Just as every child is unique, so is every Community Children’s Centre. However, while every centre is administered individually and has its own unique culture and character, we all follow the principles of ‘community based’ care. We focus on children, their families and communities, not on making a profit.

Community Children’s Centres care about your child’s needs, not making a profit. All surplus funds are invested back into your local service to directly benefit the children. We encourage families to be actively involved in supporting both the centre and their child’s care and education.

Importantly, our management system involves families. We encourage you to be actively involved in supporting both the centre and your child’s care and education.

Musgrave Hill Community believes that forming strong relationships with children and families is vital to every child’s learning and development. Our centre provides a safe environment and stimulating, positive experiences that foster all aspects of your child’s development.

Through creating close partnerships, we nurture each child’s development in a circle of security where families feel comfortable, respected, supported and connected. We regularly share information about your child’s development. Families are welcome at our centres anytime.